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June 14, 2018, 4:17 pm
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Geraldine and Matthew Stout have now turned their attention to a site below Newgrange on the lands of Newgrange Farm. Please check the Newgrange Farm Excavations Blog for regular updates.


The Bective Launch
October 24, 2016, 10:53 am
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The Bective Launch took place at Oliver Delany’s Bective Mill. It was a great day and over 80 attended the ‘star-studded’ event.


Peadar McKeown, Matthew Stout, Siobhán Rheinisch and Donal Lynch at the Bective Launch

A date for your diary
September 29, 2016, 3:45 pm
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Bective Book launch set for 15 October 2016 at Oliver Delany’s Mill, Bective, Co. Meath from 3:00.

More details to follow.

Bective Abbey is Out!!!
September 28, 2016, 11:17 am
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The report of the Bective Abbey excavations, The Bective Abbey Project, Co. Meath: Excavations 2009–12, has just been published by Wordwell! Geraldine and Matthew Stout wish to thank every individual and institution listed below for their contribution to making this publication possible. Watch this space for news about the Bective launch.


Photo on 28-09-2016 at 12.07.jpg

Adam Boyne

Adrienne Cooke

Áine French

Alan Hayden

Alan Russell

Alanna O’Reilly

Alex Bey

Alexis Muñoz

Ana Dolan

Andrew ?

Anisa Brennan

Ann Lynch

Ann-Marie Fenlon

Anne Gibney

Anthony Matthews

Aran Boyne

Arlene Coogan

Barbara Mullee

Barry Drinan

Ben Mudd

Bernie Condon

Brendan Morely

Brian Ruane

Brideen Hickey

Bridget Brennan

Callum McElveen

Carmen Carey

Caroline O’Brien

Catherine Bonner

Cathleen Wolf

Catriona Devane

Charles Doherty

Chlöe Doyle Redmond

Ciarán Hieny

Ciarán MacMurchaidh

Claire Breen

Clare Leevers

Clare Tuffy

Cliadhbh Ó Gibne

Colm Walsh

Colmán Ó Clabaigh

Con Brogan

Con Manning

Connell O’Callaghan

Connie Kelleher

Conor Brady

Cormac Ó Gibne

Craig Downie

Cristian Crisp

Dáire Keogh

David Broderick

David Sweetman

Declan Doogue

Declan Mallon

Denis Boyle

Derek Primrose,

Derek Spillane

Dermot Burke

Diarmuid Peavoy

Dolores Kearney

Donal Lynch

Donal O’Lonsigh

Donnacha Moore

Ed Bourke

Edgar Seligman

Eile Grono

Eimear Ivory

Elena Diacciati

Elisa Alonzi

Elizabeth Walsh Peavoy

Emer Condit

Emma Bates

Emma Lagan

Eoin Blount

Eoin Holmes

Erica Peron

Erin Barnard

Father Augustine

Felicity Kearney

Fin O’Carroll

Finola O’Carroll

Fiona Beglane

Fionnán Tuite

Fionnbarr Moore

Fionnuala Parnell

Fionnuala Waldron

Frank Shalvey

Gabriel Cooney

Gemma Cooney

George Knight

Georgie Knight

Gerald Cooke

Gerry O’Reilly

Gianmarco Cattari

Grace Stout+

Gwyndalyne Knight

Hazel O’Callaghan

Helen Sheridan

Helen Stout

Holger Schweitzer

Hugh Conaghy

Hugh McElveen

Hugh Young

Ian Doyle

Inez Walsh

Ingelise Stuijts

Irene Carroll

James Doyle

James Kelly

James Nugent

Jessica McCarthy

Jessica Poulin

Jo Moran

Joanna Leigh

Joanne Gaffney

Joanne Kavanagh

Joe McCormack

Joel Nugent

Johann Farrelly

John Aslanis

John Bradley+

John Joe O’Brien

John Maguire

Jonathon McCormack

Jordan Graham

Joshua Maloney

Karen Ayton

Karl Brady

Kate Sweetman

Kathleen Walkup

Katie Langenfield

Katie Leslie

Katie Sweetman

Kevin O’Brien

Kevin White

Kia McElveen

Kieran Campbell

Kirsten Morrison

Konstantine Lurz

Laura Claffey

Laura Corrway

Laura Farrelly

Liam Chambers

Linda Kiernan

Linda Newe

Lisa Doyle

Lisa Mitten

Loreto Guinan

Lori Epstein

Lorna Lacey

Lorraine Foley

Louise Purcell

Lucas Griswald

Luke French

Lynda McCormack

Lynn Magee

Mackenzia See

Madison Elmore

Maeve Canavan

Magda Loeber

Malissa Clark

Mandy Stephens +

Margaret Keane

Maria Duff

Marie Bourke

Mark Clinton

Mark Gardiner

Mark Heffernan

Mark Kelly

Martin Mansergh

Martin Ward

Mary Shine Thompson

Mary Watson

Matthew Seaver

Maureen Finn

Megan Bebee

Meriel McClatchie

Michael Connolly

Michael Duffy

Michael Finnegan

Michael Monk

Michael Moore

Michael Newe

Michael Potterton

Michael Sweetman

Michelle Young

Mick Dempsey

Miles Doyle

Molly Doyle

Morgan Watson

Muiris O’Sullivan

Naoise McIlvanny

Niall Brady

Niall Lynch

Niall Martin

Niall Mulligan

Niall Ó Cearbhaill

Niamh Mulligan

Nick Maxwell

Noel Carey

Nora Conaghy

Nóra Stout

Noreen Darling

Oisín Blount

Oisin McNamara

Oisín Ó Gibne

Oliver Delaney

Oliver Usher

Olivia Bree

Órfhlaith Ford

Órla M.B. Scully

Paddy Duffy

Pádraig Ó Duibhir

Patricia Flynn

Patricia Keenan

Patrick F. Wallace

Paul Flanagan

Paul Walsh

Paul Woods

Paula Melvin

Pauline Byrne

Pauric Travers

Peadar McKeown

Pearl Cosgrave

Peter Dodd

Peter Lacey

Rachel Barret

Rachel Flynn

Raghnall Ó Floinn

Ray Egan

Richard Denis

Richard Farrelly

Richard Reid

Richard Ryan

Richard Thomas

Robert Anderson

Roger Stalley

Rolf Loeber

Romy McIlvanny

Ronan Swan

Rory Blount

Rosanne Meenan

Ruth Lawler

Ryan Swain

S. Hamilton-Dyer

Sabrina Sweetman

Sadhbh McElveen

Sam Nielsen

Sandra O’Connell

Sarah Cobain

Sarah Farnan

Sarah Flynn

Sarah Gibbons

Sarah Malone

Seán ?

Seán Connolly

Shaina Rae

Shane O’Reilly

Shannon Pate

Sharon King

Sinéad Middleton

Sinead Ó Gibne

Siobhan McCormack

Siobhán Rheinisch

Siobhán Swiderski

Sorca Ó Floinn

Stephanie Molloy

Stephen Farnan

Stephen Mandal

Stephen Newe

Susan Elmore

Susan Lyons

Suzanne Mitchell

Sylvia FitzPatrick

Tara Lancaster

Tereasa Kennedy

Tim Stout

Tom Bates

Tom Dowling

Tom Ivory

Tommy Coogan

Tony Roche

Una O’Brien

Valerie O’Brien

Vanessa Stout

Veronica Tray

Vicki Boyne

Vincent McGowne

Visa Immonen

Will Forbes

Zoe Devlin


Archaeological Survey of Ireland

Bordesley Abbey Project, Worcestershire, England

Committee for Archaeological Research, Royal Irish Academy


Department of Archaeology, University of Turku, Finland

Department of History, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Discovery Programme

Heritage Council

Heritage Office in Meath County Council

History Society, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Irish Archaeological Field School

M.Ed. Class in History and Geography Education, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Meath Archaeological and Historical Society

Meath County Council

Mellifont Abbey guides Office of Public Works

National Monuments Service

Navan and District Historical Society

New Mellifont Abbey

Newtown Trim District Depot, Office of Public Works

Office of Public Works

Photographic Unit, National Monuments Service

Queen’s University Belfast

Raidió Teilifís Éireann

Research Committee, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Royal Irish Academy

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Trim Castle guides Office of Public Works

University College Dublin

University of Reading

Wordwell Books


Finally, to anyone else whom we have accidentally left out of the above acknowledgements — Thank You!




The Metal Finds by Órla M.B. Scully
October 1, 2015, 11:11 pm
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The Faunal Remains by Fiona Beglane!
September 14, 2015, 12:33 pm
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More Specialist Reports!
August 20, 2015, 3:58 pm
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Once again, specialist reports are available in advance of publications. All comments are deeply appreciated.

Plough Pebbles



Floor Tiles




Fish and Bird Bones