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Day 2 – The stony floor
July 7, 2009, 4:29 pm
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Over night update – Our tile expert Kieran Campbell tells us that yesterdays find was a sixteenth-century relief impressed tile.  This tile was on the floor  of Bective  abbey  when King Henry VIII  dissolved it in  1537.

This morning we put our spades aside and started trowelling a stony surface that was uncovered under the sod. Who laid this stone and gravel surface we’ve yet to find out. This may simply be the ground surface of a  paddock behind a cottage that we know once stood on the site.  There is a rough line of  larger flagstones emerging that may be the foundations of a wall or building. Fragments of thirteenth and seventeenth century pottery were found in the soil that covered it  making it difficult to date at this stage.We have started to plan the flagstone surface with the Irish Archaeological Field School students. It was clean enough to photograph this afternoon. Sarah found a concentration of  punctured slate roof tiles probably from the demolished cottage. Craig got a nice buckle. Tomorrow we start removing the stony layer and expose the ‘wall’.


Trowelling begins on the stony surface just below the sod

Trowelling begins on the stony surface just below the sod


Mark and Derek discuss the finer points of surveying


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Looking good Mark, I like the Clarke Gable look into the middle distance. We’ll ignore the fact that Derek appears tro be staring at the ground wonderig what you are talking about!

Is that blue sky I see, and some shadows. God bless the Irish summer.


Comment by Steve

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