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Day 16 – Industrial Activity?
July 26, 2010, 10:50 pm
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As we neared the bottom of cutting 4 things got really exciting. We found a depression with large stones lining its sides. This was sitting on undisturbed boulder clay and was filled with huge amounts of burnt material. Could some type of industrial activity have taken place in our building? The neighbouring cutting is also producing areas of intense burning. Hopefully all will be revealed in the next few days.

As alway, distinguished visitors came to call. We had the Condon/Conaghy family, the parents of Elisa Alonzi and Kathleen Walkup from Mill College near San Francisco. Weatherwise it was one of the best days on the site. Let’s hope it stays fine for us.

Rob and Helen near the bottom of the rich deposits at the eastern end of the long cutting 3.

Peadar and John erect a barrier fence in the interests of health and safety.

Kathleen Walkup straightens the section face in cutting 2.

Matthew (left) excavates the last remnants of burnt material from the stone-lined depression in cutting 4.


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