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Day 30 – Finishing Up
December 1, 2010, 7:31 pm
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End of season excavation report 2010 is below this posting.

Soon after finishing up at Bective we went on holidays to Spain. As a result, we never got around to describing the events of day 30; our last day. The weather was wet, July was wet generally, but this was a particularly bad day for a bad day because we had to finish the excavation drawings before the cuttings were backfilled. Everyone worked mightily through the rain, at one point there were five sections being drawn at the same time. Finds were photographed by Paul Woods. It was all stations go. Then the men from the Trim depot came, led by Mick Dempsey, and started to back-fill the site. At this stage a mass of visitors began to arrive in advance of our finishing- up party. We had the parents of Elise Alonzi (Notre Dame) and Ryan Swaine (Boston University) tour the site. Finbar Moore and son Donnacha were there; Kevin and Valerie; Marie Bourke and Barry Drinan and The O Gibne’s of Donore. When everything was packed away we all went down the hill to Bective Mill. Oliver Delaney kindly hosted our finishing-up party that had been so ably organised by Nóra Stout. We all sported our commemorative T-shirts designed by Sadhbh McElveen. We sang late into the night. It was great fun and a fitting end to a great and very productive four weeks of excavation. Thanks guys

Katie Langenfeld and Lori Epstein planning in the rain on the last day.

Kevin O'Brien (standing) at the finishing-up party.

Plough pebbles (photo Paul Woods).

Barry, Marie and Valerie

Co-director Matthew Stout tends bar at the finishing up party. Nóra and Paul to the left. Matt is sporting the commemorative t-shirt designed by Sadhbh McElveen.

Mucky buckets (photo Paul Woods)

Marie Bourke (National Gallery of Ireland) and Mick Dempsey (Office of Public Works) at Bective Cottage.

GianMarco taught the crew how to make tiramisu (how do you do). One of many ceremonial presentations made on the final day.

Window lead (photo Paul Woods)

Animal bones (photo Paul Woods)

Noel, Nóra, Paul and Rob entertain at the party. At this point we think they were singing 'Miss America Pie'.


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