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Day 6 – Tiles, ashes and sods
July 11, 2011, 8:53 pm
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It was a glorious day on the excavation. In cutting H the building rubble layers were defined and drawn. We might have some of the ‘robber trench’ that was revealed last year. Cutting J is getting down to the bottom already, but there is an exciting ash spread that might produce some important environmental evidence. Meanwhile, down towards the river we have opened a new cutting in the monastic garden. The sods were stripped from this 15m x 2m cutting in record time.

The 'J Team' seems to have come close to the bottom of the cutting.

Rory, Derek and Laura cutting the sods in the monastic garden.

St Pats finest, Paula Melvin and Peadar McKeown, on their island in the sun. The last few sods in cutting K.

The future of Irish archaeology; Katie and Siobhán. The sieve was built for us by the OPW for use at Knowth Site M. Last year it was the means of finding our first plough pebbles. Today the siever's found iron nails, pottery, bone fragments and plough pebbles. Katie even wrote a song about it.

Noel and Oisín were on tea duty today. They held a master class on how tea should be prepared. Many thought that we had hired professional caterers for the day.


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