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Day 13 – The square turret, special visitors
July 20, 2011, 9:39 pm
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The stone collapse in Cutting J has been planned and excavated. While it produced a lot of bone and some pottery, the team were disappointed with the contents of this mysterious feature. The stones filled a pit of enigmatic purpose. In Cutting H Jordan and Rory worked on the interior of the tower and the evidence suggests that this is the foundation remains of a square turret which is faced with mortared stone on the exterior and stone packed in the middle. Rory took some measurements to compare with other turrets at the abbey and it is much larger. Some fine pieces of window moulding with glazing bar holes were found in the Cutting by Noel and Rob. After lunch we had a nice visit from fellow diggers from Black Friary, Trim.

The stone spread of mystery (JF06) did not make history. The large stones filled a shallow pit.

Jordan (left) and Rory continued the fine work of Arlene and Edgar in excavating the interior of the tower.

Geraldine (right) shows the results of the Bective Abbey Project to the excavation team from Black Friary,Trim.


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