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Day 19 – The final countdown
August 7, 2011, 1:42 pm
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Noel and rob take out the core of the tower revealing the drain running beneath it.

The 2011 excavation at Bective abbey told us a great deal about the building sequence in the south precinct. The oldest building we have uncovered this season is the south- west corner of a well-built masonry structure with a paved drain running through it into a yard. There is evidence for intense burning inside this building suggesting that it may have been for industrial use or that it may have burnt down. In it we found a range of medieval pottery, local and French with textile, bronze and oyster shells. This building stood next to an open-sided, slate-roofed barn with oak uprights where the Cistercian community stored their cereal, ploughs and kiln. Some of the cereal found its way into the outside drain. The monastic community constructed another masonry building to the west, which cut through kiln waste. Subsequently, a number of compartments were added including a square building, possibly a garderobe and a circular entrance passage.

At the end of the day the survey tapes were removed and final record photos were taken. This photo shows the curved building in Cutting H.

A complex sequence of buildings was revealed in Cutting H.

The drain lies below (and therefore predates) the burnt layers associated with the post-pad supported, open-sided farm shed.

The east face of Cutting H lies beneath charcoal layers and predates the buildings on the right.

The drain is badly damaged north of the tower. Here it can be seen passing beneath the building just revealed in the north section face.


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Hello, I visited Bective on the Wednesday before you finished and was both amazed and excited at the work you were doing there, how sad the funding was stopped. 😦 😦 If you need volunteers, helpers etc, count me in. Best of luck in the future, Pam

Comment by pam lifely

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