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Day 5 – 2012 Excavations: Rain does not stop play!
July 8, 2012, 2:45 pm
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Thanks to the ‘Bective Bubble™’ and the intrepid work of the dedicated crew, a very wet day did not impede progress. While some excavated in the warm and dry comfort of the Shelter in Cutting S, others braved the elements. A wall is appearing in Cutting S Sth, A bronze needle was uncovered in Cutting S North and the find of the day was in Cutting Q; Anthony Matthews found a decorated bone handled knife. We had visits from the Irish Archaeological Field School at Black Friary who were treated to a demonstration of the new flotation tank by Susan and Lucas. Later, Susan Lyons explained the process of environmental archaeology and the identification of charcoal, wood and plant remains. We had to say goodbye to Nóra at the end of the day. Nóra is going to work in the Olympics in London. We hope she will have as much excitement there as we are going to have in the next few weeks on the site. The following worked on the excavations at Bective Abbey in Weeks 1, thanks for all your hard work: Nóra Stout, Catriona Devane, Sadhbh McElveen, Susan Lyons, Connell O’Callaghan, Lucas Griswald, Michael Duffy, Siobhán Rhennisch, Noel Carey, Anthony Matthews, Felicity Kearney, James Doyle, Michael Connolly, Oisin McNamara, Paula Melvin, Peader McKeown, Aine French, Emma Bates, Linda Newe, Michael Newe, Pauline Byrne, Peter Dodd, Richard Dennis, Rory Blount, Sean Connolly, Siobhan McCormack, Stephen Newe, Tom Ivory

Decorated antler-handled knife from Cutting Q.

Mucky shoes (Photo: Paul Woods).

A birds eye view of Nóra digging in cutting P (photo: Paul Woods).

Peter, Tom and Pauline trowel in Cutting Q where the decorated bone knife was found by Anthony.

Paul Woods, a regular visitor to the site, barrows at Cutting P.

It is dry and cosy in Cutting S South where Lucas exposes a medieval wall.

The rain shelter known as the ‘Bective Bubble™’. It actually works!!!

Susan and Lucas demonstrate the wonders of the flotation tank.

Susan Lyons demonstrates the techniques used in environmental analysis.

Susan Lyons in her on-site laboratory.

Noel (who has shrunk in the rain) watches Nóra cut her farewell cake.

Farewells were said to Nóra in Crocket’s pub (From left: Catriona, Nóra and Noel)


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