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Day 8 – 2012 Excavations: Key to the Door
July 11, 2012, 7:38 pm
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Progress continues to be made in all cuttings. A large key was found in Cutting Q and the team is now looking for the door that it opens. More importantly, two sherds of kiln waste were found in this cutting which means that tiles and pottery were made nearby. In the Garden Cutting R a medieval rubbish pit containing oyster, mussel and cockle shells testifies to how the Monks dealt with their kitchen waste. These deposits were sampled by the environmental team. They produced fish bones and cereal grains. We had junior visitors Romy an Naoise (with their mother Louise) who helped the garden team. Heavy showers in the afternoon threatened to drown the finds crew in the site cottage. The team worked on regardless. Go Team!!!

The key found in Cutting P.

A heavy downpour in the afternoon threatened to flood the cottage. Summer in Ireland!

Siobhán M, Sadhbh and Siobhán R number the finds in the site cottage.

Young archaeologist Romy and Naoise help the Garden team,.


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