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Day 16 – 2012 Excavations: Down the Drain
July 23, 2012, 9:09 pm
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A warm breeze blew across the site for most of the day and great discoveries continue to be made. A beautiful and complete tile was found in Cutting S South. A carved bone (perhaps ivory) cylinder was also found there. It looks like a tuning peg from a medieval stringed instrument. The top of the drain has been revealed. Its contents will be extensively sampled. Cutting P is nearing the natural in all sections. Planning will begin there tomorrow. In Cutting S North a hearth or fire pit is being emptied. It contains a lot of medieval pottery. A metal key also came from this cutting. There were many distinguished guests during the day. They included Chief Archaeologist (emeritus) David Sweetman, Barry Drinan and Dr Marie Bourke of the National Gallery of Ireland. Marie and site directors Geraldine and Matthew first excavated together in 1976.

Mark, Pauline and Emma proudly display a complete relief tile found in the burnt layer just above the drain in Cutting S South. The relief tile shows a lion (or dragon or unicorn) rampant.

Sadhbh digs in the narrow space outside the building in Cutting S South. She is finding a large number of small animal skeletons

After the samples are floated, the remains of the sample is examined for material that did not rise in the flotation process. This produces very fine fish bones. A cherry stone was identified by the environmental lab today as well.

Distinguished visitors and guest volunteers; Barry Drinan, David Sweetman and Marie Burke.


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